Cycling benefits and disadvantages

Cycling benefits and disadvantages

Riding a bicycle is a great hobby for many. Some people choose cycling as a means of exercise, while others use it for mere transportation. But the result is the same! It brings a lot of benefits to you. Don’t you think in this way? 

Apart from that, you will find some disadvances as well! Though their numbers are very few, you should handle them with care. Otherwise, you have to suffer in the long run!

However, for your help, in this blog post, we are going to introduce you to Cycling benefits and disadvantages. We hope, you will be happy to know about the benefits. And don’t forget to be aware of the disadvantages as well!

The Benefits of cycling

Cycling benefits and disadvantages
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Cycling brings blessings to us! It helps to keep our body fit. And surely, it’s a great medium of communication. If you select cycling as an exercise, you need not make an extra routine for that. When you travel somewhere riding your bicycle, your body automatically gets help from there. Cycling benefits for ladies are also the same! They can systematically enjoy them! However, we have come out with more advantages of cycling for you! Let’s have a look:

  • A great medium of Transportation
  • A good way to control weight
  • Lessen the risk of Cardiovascular disease
  • Works against Cancer
  • Helpful for Diabetes
  • Works well against arthritis and bone injuries
  • Good for Mental illness
  • Increase stamina and strength
  • Develops Lung Function
  • Good for the environment and money
  • And more!

A great medium of Transportation

Apart from all other benefits, I’m placing it in the first position. Because, you know, most bike riders use bikes as the means of transportation. They love the medium for several reasons. For instance, firstly, cycling is completely free from noise and air pollution. In other words, it’s environment-friendly. Secondly, the medium helps them to move freely in busy towns or cities, especially, where traffic jams are huge! And certainly, it helps them in the areas where parking a car is more difficult than any other thing.  

Then, I will emphasize on expense! Undoubtedly, cycling saves money because its maintenance cost is less than others, and people don’t need to spend money on fuel also. Again, a bicycle doesn’t need a huge area for parking. One can also keep it in his room! So he doesn’t need to worry about the garage or the cost related to it. What do you think? Isn’t cycling more convenient in this regard?

A good way to control weight

Are you familiar with the word cycling fitness? Do you know about the benefits of cycling for weight loss? Then listen to me carefully. Cycling can be a great way to control your body weight. It increases the rate of metabolism, improves muscles, and reduces body fat. But it can be more effective if you combine it with a healthy diet plan.

Undoubtedly, cycling is good exercise, and you can do it according to your wishes. Hence, changing time or intensity depends upon you. Interestingly, many studies show that taking exercise per week can burn about 2000 calories while steady cycling per hour can reduce about 300 calories. At the same time, cycling twice a day can speed up the process. Even a British study shows that biking for half an hour every day can reduce about 5 kilograms of body weight within a year! How effective cycling is for losing weight!

Lessen the risk of Cardiovascular disease

Heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke are some types of Cardiovascular diseases. Fortunately, regular cycling can lessen the risk of those diseases. The idea is so simple! Bicycle riding invigorates and develops your blood circulation, lungs, and heart. In this way, it decreases the possibility of Cardiovascular disease.

Likely, on one hand, cycling reinforces the muscles of your heart, and on the other hand, reduces resting pulse and the levels of blood fat. Conveniently, many researches have shown that people who go to work riding a bicycle stay free from less pollution than those who don’t. Another study in Danish shows that regular cycling protects people from cardiovascular disease. Incidentally, the study was conducted over 30000 people aged from 20 to 93 years. They were in observation for over 14 years! 

Works against Cancer

Many experts have been working for years to find out the relationship between cancer and exercise. And they have come out successfully with the good news that regular cycling can reduce the risk or possibilities of bowel cancer. While some others have got evidence that it also works against breast cancer! 

Helpful for Diabetes

Diabetes, especially type 2 is increasing day by day throughout the whole world. You can hardly find any family without a patient of the disease. But do you know what the main reason for it is? It’s a lack of physical exercise. Don’t worry. A study in Finland showed that cycling for 30 minutes a day lowers a 40% risk of increasing diabetes. 

Works well against arthritis and bone injuries

Generally, arthritis and bone injuries need low-impact exercises so that they can put very little stress on joints. For this reason, cycling can play a vital role in this regard! Because it develops coordination, balance, and strength of the bones in your body. And also, helps you protect fractures and falls. As a result, cycling can be an ideal option if you are suffering from osteoarthritis!

Good for Mental illness

Anxiety, stress, and depression are kinds of mental illness. But you can quickly recover your mental health conditions by riding a bike regularly. When you ride, you get a kind of enjoyment and pleasure. In this way, you forget your depression and get relieved from mental pain!

Increase stamina and strength

Cycling helps you increase your stamina and strength. Wait a bit, and you will simply understand that. Well, when you ride for about 30 minutes, it’s natural that you become out of breath. But don’t worry. When you find this kind of situation, you will slow down the speed of your bicycle. Then, adjust your strength level. Remember, there is no determined or fixed speed. When you do the same thing the next day, see what? You are gradually developing the level of your strength and stamina! 

Develops Lung Function

If you ride a bicycle every day, gradually your lungs and heart become stronger. Even when you breathe in, you can do that more than before! In a word, by enlarging the capacity, regular cycling enables your lungs to hold more air easily and quickly. Surprisingly, it can increase the volume of the lung by more than 10%. 

Many studies show that taking more air lets you blow your lungs out. As a result, through your lungs, your diaphragm pushes air. And the breathing muscles you have needs to do extra work. In this way, the muscles of your respiratory system gradually become stronger.

Good for the environment and money

Cycling is free from pollution and good for health. Fortunately, it does not need any fuel that produces harmful smoke. That is why it’s environment-friendly. So you can do your family work riding it to the market, in the meantime, your exercise will be done! And you are doing all these things without harming the environment at all! 

Undoubtedly, cycling saves money. You need not buy a helmet or petrol in this regard, and the maintenance cost is less than a motorcycle or a car. Or, you don’t need a garage for it. 

Is cycling better than most other types of exercise?

This is a very common question that many people ask. Only to find out the answer, we had to research a lot! Let’s see whether the answer satisfies you or not:

Firstly, in comparison to most other types of exercises, cycling causes fewer injuries and less stress! Secondly, cycling is a good option for muscle workout. When you pedal, it puts pressure on most of the muscles. Thirdly, when you ride a bicycle, unlike some other exercises, you don’t need any kind of higher physical skill. As riding a bicycle is an easy task, you never forget if you learn it once. 

Fourthly, when you cycle, it puts pressure on most of your body parts. Hence, it improves your aerobic fitness, strength, and stamina. Fifthly, after recovering from an illness or injury, your doctor forbids you to take tough exercises. But unlike them, you can ride a bicycle. As you can start from very low intensity depending on your fitness, riding can be an ideal workout in this regard. 

And finally, cycling is a fun way to keep yourself fit! When you go for a ride to enjoy the natural beauty of your countryside, you automatically take exercise amid the process! On one hand, you get pleasure, and on the other hand, you can keep your body fit! And it is time-efficient also. For instance, when you go to your office riding a bicycle, you need to exercise a lot. So you need not manage extra time for your exercise. How funny it is! But remember, if you have the Best Off-Road Electric Bikeit will not bring anything good for you regarding this. In that case, you have to use the pedal mode!

The Disadvantages of Cycling

Though cycling is blessed with advantages, like others, it has disadvantages too. They are – 

  • Artery and Nerve Problems
  • Wastage of Time
  • May cause lower and upper back pain
  • Bone erosion/loss

Artery and Nerve Problems

We have already discussed the advantages of cycling. But you should not think that it does not have any disadvantages. Unfortunately, excessive cycling may bring destruction. Artery and nerve problems are among them. The riders who spend most of the time on tours and sightseeing suffer from the problems. As a result of that, some of them may feel numbness and suffer from other negative consequences. Though all of them are avoidable and reversible as well, they should take steps before being a victim. Otherwise, they may cause more problems over time.

Wastage of Time

Excessive cycling can be a mere wastage of time. You may not be one of them. Nevertheless, other related things can waste your valuable time. Are you surprised? We have evidence! Let’s have a look.

You need to get ready before starting your ride. You usually wear cycling clothes, fill your bottle with water, and then check whether your bike is alright or not! For these purposes, you have to spend a lot of time. Also, you need to check the tires, chain, and many more things. After that, you start riding for maybe 20 minutes or two hours depending on your physical condition. But be thoughtful! Aren’t all the activities waste a lot of time?

May cause lower and upper back pain

Most of the racing-bike are made in such a way that you need to bend over while riding. As sometimes you have to travel for more than an hour, naturally that puts a lot of pressure on your lower and upper back. As a result, gradually, you feel pain in those parts. Over time, this pain turns into a disease. What do you think? Isn’t it dangerous for your health?

Bone erosion/loss

We have mentioned earlier that cycling is a kind of low impact exercise. But if you do it continuously, you can be a victim of bone erosion/loss. Don’t be disappointed! We never talk without documents. Let’s see:

We have found in the New York Times that a group of competitive bike riders containing 32 males is compared with another group of a similar number of non-cyclists of the same age. In that case, they are given bone scans. Unfortunately, the non-cyclists have less bone loss than professional cyclists. Even some of them have been suffering from Osteopenia in their spines. Isn’t the evidence enough to prove the case? Now the decision is yours!

The Conclusion The moon has its fault! Cycling has also. But are they useless? Not at all! The benefits of cycling are many! It keeps your body fit. It helps you visit your friends and relatives without spending any transportation costs! Likely, you can enjoy the natural beauties along your countryside even in a healthy way. Healthily enjoying natural beauty – isn’t it funny enough!  Check out our Off Road Ebike Review

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